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Will Pen & Post update their card collection?

We definitely will. We love curating and we’re constantly on the lookout for new and beautiful card designs form around the world. We’re also going to roll out Pen & Post exclusive cards you’ll only find here (stay tuned).

Is there a minimum amount of cards I need in my subscription?

Nope, just one!

What if I notice the card I choose is no longer available by the time my occasion comes around?

Whatever card you select, we’ll make sure you receive, even if we stop carrying that card by the time of that occasion.

Can I change a card after I've already selected it?

Yes, you can. Simply remove that card from your subscription and add the card you’d like, as long as it’s three weeks before the occasion (after that point the card will be processed for shipping and cannot be changed).

How will I remember to choose my cards next year?

We will notify you with plenty of time before your subscription renews to choose new cards for each of your occasions.

What if I forget to choose a new card for next year?

We’ll select a beautiful card for you - one that matches the category of your occasion but is different than the one you chose last year.

What if I move - is it easy to change my address?

Just login to your account and go to your account management page. Be sure to change addresses at least three weeks before your next occasion date.

Can I buy one single card?

You can sign up for one card and it will renew in your subscription every year for that occasion. At this point all cards are sold on a subscription basis. You’ll receive reminders when it’s time to pick a new card design each year.

Can I buy a boxed set of cards?

We’re working on rolling out boxed sets - stay tuned!

Will I get to choose the stamp I add to my cards?

Unfortunately, we can’t customize these per order, but we promise we won’t choose anything obnoxious :)
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